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  •  Cast Iron pump body.
  •  Stainless steel/Copper impeller.
  •  The impeller is mounted to the axis of the pump casting, and the liquid ring circulates concentrically within the axis if the casting.
  •  Easy service from both ends.
  •  No sealing washer.
  •  Double mechanical seals.
  •  Many variety and full range series.

    Typical Application:
    Due to its special configuration and working principal, Liquid Ring vacuum pumps are widely used in the chemical, food processing, electric power, pharmaceutical, textile, paper making and other industries that require vacuum evaporation, soluble shrinkage, evaporation, distillation, dehydration, and filtration etc.  It is also commonly used as the backing pump for Roots vacuum pump.

    Internal components made by stainless steel(304,316);
    All components made by stainless steel (304,316)
    Characteristic Curves:

  • Overall Dimensions:


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