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:An International Brand with Proven Swiss Quality

ELIVAC   is an American original brand. It has three new-age, innovative vacuum pump and system engineering and manufacturing companies located in Switzerland and China. The company's key partners are word class vacuum pump and system design, manufacturing and application experts from Europe, America, China and Korea. 

ELIVAC  is the first pump maker offering not only the custom-made vacuum systems but also the custom-made roots booster vacuum pumps that best fit customer applications.  While ELIVAC   is specialized in custom made roots pumps, we also make a full range of two-stage liquid ring pumps, rotary piston pumps and dry vacuum pumps.

Our products with CE certification are applied widely in all industrial fields where reliable vacuum condition is required.  Especially, ELIVAC  can provide the ways to save up to 90% of energy and 100% of water by replacing the popular kinetic vacuum pumps by advanced ELIVAC   mechanical pump systems.

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